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Your dog will not eat his kibble: What to do?

Have you noticed lately that your dog sulks his bowl or leaves half of his allowance, as if his kibble was not interested or more and expecting something else. It seems rather like you and you wonder about his behavior.

Your pet eats dry food quality standard

In this case, you should know that it is possible that your dog sulks his bowl because his kibble are not very palatable. Indeed, we must be aware that the average quality cakes (bought in supermarkets for example) are much less appetizing as premium kibble for your dog. Even if the appearance of dry food you like and looks pretty much the same composition, we must know that the premium kibble contain sources of protein, lipids (fats), fiber, vitamins and minerals and highly varied good quality that make a difference both on the plate for the health of your furry friend.

dog wont eat

The team of veterinarians wanimo.com advise you to go to a premium food that will be most appreciated by your dog. More quality premium foods can stay healthy thanks to a complete mineral and vitamin intake.

Your pet eats premium dog food already

In this case, it seems that your mate to do the difficult already because you offer a supply of high quality. Several possible explanations for this behavior:

• Your dog gets from you regularly treats as table scraps or treats and it is the difficult one to get anything other than his kibble.

• Your dog behaves in a dominant of which is to eat after the other, only if you look at his kibble and sulk, to be begging to eat or not to accept food given by hand.

• Distribute your dog too much kibble : it does not end his bowl. To get the exact dosage of the diet needed for your companion premium kibble, you can consult our vets, they will make you a personalized dietary recommendation.

• Your dog has difficulty eating his kibble for example when they are not adapted to its size or whether it has dental problems . In this case, know that many food manufacturers have developed premium kibbles of different sizes depending on the breed of dogs. Royal Canin, Hill’s Proplan or offer special kibble for small dogs and large breed dogs, size and consistency suitable for your dog’s jaws.

• It also happens that, even if they are of premium quality dry food do not taste your pet . In this case, if your dog really does not deign to touch his kibble for several days in a row, you have maybe try another brand (but still a premium range) or change of fragrance manufacturers of premium cakes come in effect their food in different flavors: chicken, beef, lamb or salmon.

In all cases, we advise you to stay on a premium food and provide a stable power supply to your dog. It is important not to give in and change his diet when he starts to sulk his kibble. Give him his daily ration (correctly calculated) in two meals, every time well after you’ve eaten yourself (your dog must always eat after you). Then you have him remove the bowl after 20 minutes even if there is not touched. Rest assured a dog has never let starve and when he realized he will have nothing else, your dog will take a liking to his kibble ! So do not give in by giving leftovers or treats that are less good for his health.

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