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The dog and sport

The sport of dog, the dog, is perhaps the most modern and healthy activity for all the utilities that the dog has to offer, company, fun, exercise, technical and competitive spirit are the main ingredients for both the dog and for the owner.

The sport of dog has its origin in Germany, the birthplace of the dog breeding world. Stop looking at the dog, just as a working tool, with the rise of canine hobby, he had emerged from twentieth century new ways for both the dog and the owner disfrutasen physical exercise and skills, even surpassing the difficulties.

dog and sport

There are several approaches we can take sports to our dog. The Germanic derived from the military, that dogs do adapt to very strict regulations in their discipline, and divided into three sections: tracking, obedience and defense. These tests are divided in turn into three different levels of difficulty. For these regulations are allowed the following breeds: German Shepherd, Belgian Shepherd, Doberman, Rottweiler, Giant Schnauzer, Boxer, Bouvier Hovawart and Flanders.

Dog Agility

The agility is primarily an educational game created in London for the development of a famous dog show, 1978, in order to cover too long intervals during the exhibition. The audience was thrilled to see the dogs jump and run with great joy by his guides that directed and encouraged throughout the course. Quickly this modality beyond the borders of the United Kingdom, extending to the rest of Europe and other countries like Japan, Canada, USA etc.

What is agility?

Canine agility mode is inspired by the equestrian jumping and designed for pleasure and amusement of the viewer, the driver, but especially and above all, the dog, making the dog training game. Basically consists in overcoming by the dog, no collar and leash, a very different set of obstacles, which are described in a regulation international, placed on a circuit in an order unknown to them, until just before that competition be allowed to guide a brief acknowledgment, to memorize and plan the strategy to follow in the conduct of the dog.

Dog Agility

It should aim to guide the dog with the clarity and accuracy over the entire route, avoiding where possible present situations of risk of penalty on the obstacles or exceed that produced by the time marked by the trial judge. For this you can use all kinds of audio and visual signals such as voices, clapping, etc.. provided voluntarily not to touch the dog or the obstacles.

Food in the dog sport

Make no mistake, good food does not transform a slow animal in a race horse, but it may help those with athletic talent and good preparation to be true champions. The “experts” differ-called working dogs from the rest of his comrades. But what exactly are the dogs that work? Those who go to the office?

In fact, these breeds can be compared to professional athletes, because they have to do more physical effort. The category includes many races involved in various activities, from the shepherd dog hunting, through the competition or any other issue, that without dedicating his life to a specific job, performs a more intense activity than their sedentary colleagues

dog sport

How to feed a dog for over 4 hours of daily exercise?

With fine dining. The energy that these animals need to be provided as fat very digestive. The proteins such as meat, should be provided only occasionally. The specimens are very active need also a greater amount of vitamins and a significant reduction of salt, contrary to what you might believe, the dog breathes, and therefore does not lose salt minerals. Salts supplements that some tutors provide their dogs after a grueling walk, only generate an excessive production of urine as a result of increased thirst. A good sports provision goes through proper hydration.

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