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How to protect your cat from cold

Although we are in spring, cold these days is still with us and our pets do, too. Today you have some ideas for protecting your cat from cold.

The first thing to keep in mind is that cats do not get as cold as us or as a dog, but if they feel many sudden temperature changes. His Achilles heel is the ears. These are the ones that suffer the low temperatures and bad weather.

cats and the cold

When our cats suffer most is when the temperatures are below zero and very high winds. So the first thing to do is keep our cat is exposed in places of strong drafts.

The main problems of litter for the cat and how to solve them

One of the main reasons that lead cat owners to turn to veterinary experts in animal behavior is inappropriate elimination, i.e. the behavior to urinate and defecate in the house outside of the litter box.

The causes of this behavior can be many. After excluding those individuals (such as cystitis), it starts with the behavioral history of the veterinarian asks the owner information on the age of adoption, the predatory behavior modification, the number and position of the boxes to hygiene ‘inside the house, the composition of the family, the existence of a recent change (such as a move or the arrival of a child, etc.). All such information is crucial for diagnosis and takes action to solve the problem.

main problems of cat litter

How to install and keep clean an aquarium?

Friends! How is it going? The issue of who is going to speak today about aquariums and care and hygiene should be. This depends on three factors: maintain stable colony of plants and fish and make fish thrive in this environment.

Other factors to consider are: choosing the right fish to have a good relations between them, the decoration of the aquarium depends on the kinds of fish that inhabit it, filtering water is important for regulating oxygen for fish, aquarium size should not exceed 60 cm because involves problems such as water pressure and cleaning up some of the fish tank accessories.

how to clean an aquarium

Homeopathy animal, a different drug

The traditional veterinary medicine has advanced greatly in recent decades, but still has major challenges as a cure Leishamaniosis. But thanks to her, our pets are living longer and their quality of life has increased markedly. All these developments can be seen filled with veterinary homeopathy.

This discipline is suitable for any living and medications used in any way harmful to the health of your pet, since they have a vegetable origin, in 60% of cases, mineral or animals. According to Jorge Munoz, veterinary homeopath, “this medicine does not cause side effects, so it always improves the quality of life for patients.”

homeopathy animal

The fundamentals
For more than two centuries since the German physician Samuel F. Hahnemann discovered homeopathy and laid the foundations of the experimental method. For him the most important thing is to see how healthy people react to drugs, then to apply the principle of similarity.

Dogs and children: 10 ground rules for peaceful coexistence

In summer than in other seasons it is common for dogs that do not meet you know: dogs often are adorable, but it’s always good to keep in mind that dogs are not stuffed animals to play with at will. While dogs and children are a great combination, it is important that the little humans know what to do with dogs in general.

These are topics that we discussed several times, but it is good to remember them in an organized manner, so as to repeat them to ourselves and our children.

Dogs and children

• Do not you ever run into a dog, especially with his arms outstretched (could be interpreted as the fingers of the teeth that move towards him and could become frightened or nervous).

Vacation: the dog and the car

Curve will, rise comes … the dog, dizzy, vomited on the back seat, and everything is dirty. The car is your worst enemy, and the whole family is frightened by the thought of traveling with him. What to do?

Luckily once the animal has been used to staying inside the moving car, everything will be fine. However, there are certain animals that develop a true phobia of cars, buses, etc… Usually these fears are due to bad experiences, and worst of all is the dizziness that causes them to stay within a moving vehicle. Dogs under one year are quite sensitive, and just a slight swing to begin to get dizzy and drool.

dog and the car

At first these symptoms s are imperceptible, but as time passes and the car’s speed increases, the evils are accentuated and may remain after the end of the trip. Generally believed to not give them water or food before and during the journey avoid dizziness. However, it is not so the animal will equally bad, although not mess on the car in case of vomiting. The ideal is to resort to the vet, as there are some tablets or liquids that reduce the effects of travel.

Dog accidents

The dog and the car

According to recent statistics, more than 70,100 of the traumas and injuries suffered by dogs that are not isolated rural farms, are caused by accident s of traffic that are often fatal for dogs and a high percentage also can threaten the physical integrity and even the lives of human beings. Motorcycles, cars and heavy trucks run through cities and roads contributing to the balance of industrialized societies and the development of modern life.

Who has not suffered with their own dogs experience this class? Who has not seen or experienced too often the abuse of a dog or has witnessed the bloody spoils, as silent witness, is in a ditch? In all cases, dogs are not guilty of anything. They are the owners and the society that permits the abandonment canine or proliferation of stray animals who must take responsibility for serious incidents.

dog accident

The dog on the street

The natural instinct of any dog, whether of race, not predisposed to consider urban or interurban roads horn highly dangerous areas. The obligation of the owners to bring their “wards” always subject to the corresponding belt is not an arbitrary measure of the authorities who always look after the welfare of their constituencies. The basic obedience training and strict compliance with legal regulations ensure sufficient protection against most of the accident s in circulation that are caused or leading figure of the dog.

Risks Christmas in dogs: the poisoning food and beverages

Christmas time is conducive to food variations. Some of them can however be very dangerous for your dog. To avoid marring the pleasures of this sweet time and your companion does not pass the holiday season with his favorite veterinarian, here’s everything you need to be avoided!


Sometimes our companions are enjoying our chocolate boxes or the remains of the Yule log awkwardly left within their reach. The toxicity of chocolate is the fact that it contains a substance called theobromine which is a substance close to the caffeine. signs of intoxication appear 4-5 hours after ingestion. There nervous symptoms: nervousness, agitation, excitement, tremors that can lead to the onset of convulsions and even coma. We can also see signs of cardiac and digestive symptoms like diarrhea and vomiting.

dog christmas hazards

You should know that acute poisoning, the animal can die within 6 to 24 hours. In cases of chronic poisoning, death can occur within a few days because of heart problems. If your pet ingests a large quantity of chocolate, we must quickly contact a veterinarian who will arrange to treat your pet. You should know such as a wafer of dark chocolate 100 grams can kill a dog weighing 10 kg. We must take this seriously and poisoning contact your vet when in doubt not to spoil Christmas Eve!

Helping at the birth of our cat

It is time awaited the birth of our pet. While most cats do not have problems when giving birth to her kittens, to the relief of all should be close and that birth control is going well. We will realize that the day is near or that it is time, because the cat will stop eating, you will see rare and might as well lick her pussy and then. Begin to feel contractions and when they are stronger, delivery is imminent.

If for some reason the cat has begun to bear their young out of the box and prepare it on a cold, wet soil, it is desirable that the move or disturb while giving birth, we can work around it by placing cloths or towels . Once all pups were born, we transport the mother to their babies into the box, this should make it a person you know well.

birth of our cat

Each kitten born in a separate bag and the cat will be responsible for cutting the umbilical cord. Then expel the placenta and the cat will eat. If the mother does not take away the bag that covers have to do it ourselves, we will take the kitten with a towel carefully and we’ll be removing the bag, trying to wipe his mouth and nose. Done this, rub with the towel to stimulate breathing.

As a pregnant cat care

Gestation lasts about 2 months, and as they grow fetuses in her womb, the space of your digestive system will be reduced, making it essential to provide a diet with more protein and more abundant than usual. From the fourth to sixth week of pregnancy, you should feed her twice a day and from the seventh, split their ration three times.

We must be careful with the feed that we provide, it must be low quality because it can jeopardize the development of kittens. It is better to give a premium food, even if it means spending a few dollars more. We must also provide vitamins, calcium and phosphorus, so we must seek veterinary advice.

pregnant cat care

In the fifth week of pregnancy our cat’s abdomen will increase in size will remain until the time of delivery. If we notice that its growth is stopped or that the cat is losing weight, we should quickly lead to the vet.

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