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Nests for Nymphs

Nymphs are some beautiful colorful cockatoos, which, despite being endemic to Australia, can be found in homes around the world. However, their habitat requires very specific conditions that must be followed to maintain a quality of life.

They are a great bird to have at home because, unlike other pets, are somewhat noisy, loving and easy to care. Nymphs distinguished by their long, elegant tail feathers located on the crest and entertaining. They have a large variety of shades, allowing us to differentiate usually with lighter dyes are females while darker shades belong to the males.

nests for nymphs

Bird houses

Currently, due to its popularity, you can be found for these bird cages. However, first of all should be comprehensive. Consider its size reaches easily exceed 30 inches. In them, you have to be able to move comfortably wings. They are very social, so they can live with other beings in the same aviary.

The houses for dogs

Sometimes when we have a large dog, it is difficult to maintain a good living indoors. Sometimes what happens is that we have a watchdog. In both cases, a good solution is to build him a house abroad. In this report we show you how.

If your dog is a puppy, should not you send him to the house until you’ve put your shots, because the garden is easier to take a parasite. Although you do not want to sleep at home, you may want until you have completed this process does not stay out until spring comes, because this could make your health is affected.

houses for dogs

Other solutions to not let him in the house are let in the garage or cellar. The only prerequisites are good ventilation and moisture is not excessive, as this can also affect the health of our puppy. To make his temporary bed it is enough with a lump of wood and a good blanket.

Setting up your aquarium

Once you have found your ideal aquarium and all its equipment, it only remains to put in place. On your marks, get set, go!


All elements such as gravel and decorations must be thoroughly rinsed to prevent introduction of dust and dirt even before you could watch your aquarium!

Installation of gravel

It is advisable to install the gravel at the bottom of the aquarium so that it forms a slope: thicker at the rear than the front of the aquarium will create an optical effect. Your aquarium will appear bigger! If you want to plant real plants, it will be necessary to place a nutrient substrate under the gravel.

fish aquarium

Installation of equipment and decorations

This installation is consistent. Indeed, the decorations can hide unsightly equipment. Tip of the air pump may be hidden under the gravel, heating behind rocks, the filter behind an artificial plant … But remember not to overload your tank so that fish can benefit your future with a volume sufficient to develop normally!

The degus: Habitat

Installing your degus in good conditions, respecting their lifestyle and needs, is key to ensure its welfare and maintain their health. If the arrival of a degus at home getting ready, and the habitat of degus already in your home can be improved?

The housing of degus

The cage for your degus will be high and big enough as an aviary. The minimum floor area of 40x40cm is for an individual. It takes 30×30 cm additional floor area per additional degus. We need a cage solid, with metal bars so that they can not be eaten. You must choose carefully the location of the cage in your house or apartment. This will be placed in a quiet, away from drafts and near a source of natural light without being directly next to a window. The cage should not be placed in the dusty corners or near heaters.


Your degus will love seeing the world the day and has a little animation, do not leave it in a room where he will be alone all the time. Avoid to let him out of his cage unattended it may chew everything in its power (wood, electrical … son), gold can actually endanger.

The Hamster Habitat

You want to host one or more hamsters? The needs of this species are very specific, and it is essential to respect them both for their well-being and for his health. Before selecting it and bring it home, here’s everything you need to know to install the best in his new environment.


His cage should measure at least 50x30x30 cm with horizontal bars so he can climb. It must be installed in a room quiet and well ventilated but beware, like all rodents hamsters feared drafts. It should not be sunny. The ideal temperature should be understood between 20 and 25 °C. In the absence of daylight, if the temperature falls below 15 ° C, a hamster may hibernate.

hamster habitat


The floor of the cage should be covered with litter (between 2 and 4cm thick), consisting of corn cob or wood shavings or hemp. It must be renewed at least twice a week.

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