Pet Professional ยป Cats Care Resources of everything about pet Mon, 21 Jul 2014 10:56:18 +0000 en-US hourly 1 How often do you clean the cat litter box? Wed, 16 Jul 2014 09:58:32 +0000 The litter box of your cat should always be clean for more than one reason. Are you too lazy? Let me convince you and explain why.

Why we must clean it often?

There are three main reasons why you should keep your cat box as clean as possible. The first is that if y ]]>

how often clean cat litter box

The second reason relates to the health of your pet. Collect dirt from the litter box on a regular basis is an excellent way of detecting an onset of disease. When you become familiar with their feces, know when and when not to are normal so you can tell if done too little, too soft, too, strange color, among other disorders.

On the other hand, you should know that there are diseases that your cat may suffer and transmitted through feces, and many of them, such as toxoplasmosis, are newly infected a few days after the cat then poop when oocysts containing mature and become infectious.

And the third reason to keep the box clean is obviously the smell. Having a dirty litter box you are guaranteed a foul smell which is ashamed if you are visiting.

When and how do you clean the litter box?

The litter box of your cat can be one of the dirtiest places in your home, but no longer!

Getting your house not smells bad, no dangerous diseases, or that his own poop would scare your cat, you should get used to an easy routine cleaning.

Ideally pick up dirt from the box each time your cat will evacuate, but well you know sometimes it cannot be done. With checking it twice a day and remove your stools will be fine.

In addition, twice a week or every three days will have to renew all the sand, throwing away the used (in a bag, never released in the trash), washing with soap and water box then dry and put clean sand.

It is also advisable to change the box once a year, as in the standard that makes your cat scratches on its surface can be bacteria, as they are difficult to sterilize sites.

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How to bring a new cat home? Thu, 26 Jun 2014 11:10:49 +0000 Are you to adopt a cat? Well then don’t miss these tips to take a cat home, so that the transition is nice and fits smoothly.

The emotion is huge and there is much expectation when you are about to bring a new pet home. But I’m going to tell you the truth. Don’t wait enter and begin to play, or spend time to pure joy with your new furry friend, because for the moment it won’t happen.

The cat will need time to adapt to their new territory, which shall be displayed very shy and hide for several days. For the transition to be pleasant, pay attention to everything I’ll tell.

how to bring a new cat

It prepares the House before the arrival of the cat

So that your cat is well attended and care, have to buy several accessories: dish for lunch, container for water, sand, bed or blanket to sleep, food for cat and toys.

Sand box should be larger than the cat, and should always be within your reach. Do not place close to her food or water.

The arrival home

Do not like cats walk on auto, so it will be best that you do within a transport box to avoid damage on the road. Once home, leave the box in silence for a while and then open it to come out, without forcing it. It will go out when you are confident.

It’s good advice that not frightened it with pampering and words, because the cat is not ready for that. At this time only need peace of mind and, if possible, some privacy to get used to their new medium.

Fourth link

The bonding is the room of house that you have chosen to let Jack know first. You must have their everything you need, for a few days, it may be not out of there. It’s quite awhile, so it is not so scared, and occasionally gets to spend time with him.

Perhaps you don’t want to play, because at present only needs to know that he is in a safe place. Get you company while you are performing a task, such as reading a book or iron the clothes. And talk about normal and friendly way.

With the passage of the hours or days, the cat will take confidence and will begin to feel that the territory is theirs. When you are ready you will leave the room and you can meet the other rooms and begin to engage more with the family.

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Why does cats snoring? Tue, 06 May 2014 11:20:36 +0000 Your cat snoring? The Act of snoring can be something absolutely normal either be caused by a disease. In this installment, we tell you everything you need to know about cats they snore.

What is snoring?

Snoring occurs when the passage of the upper respiratory tract, formed by the nose, pharynx and throat vibrate audibly while your cat breathe. It is more noticeable while sleeping, because he manages to relax and is lying.

why does cats snoring

If your cat snores always, it is likely to be normal and not require any treatment. But if snoring are not stable and increase in intensity, you should consult with your veterinarian to see what their cause and their likely treatment.

What are the causes of snoring in cats?

Flat nose

Persian cats and those of other races who have flat nose are more likely to snore, but this is a normal condition that it is not gravity.


Cases of obesity or overweight are causes of snoring. Fatness makes to accumulate fat in the tissue surrounding the upper airways which makes a cat snoring. This is also very common in humans.

Upper respiratory infections

This type of infection does accumulate mucus in the upper airways, by what cat does not breathe well while sleeping and snoring. Viral and bacterial infections are the most common, which heal alone or through medication. You can also be an infection by fungi that is more difficult to cure, but not impossible.

Nasal polyps or tumors

The existence of nasal polyps or tumors in the sinuses can also be the cause of your cat snoring, which needs immediate veterinary attention.

Seasonal allergies

Your cat may also have allergies and snoring because of it.

What is the treatment for cat snoring?

If snoring is something natural and does not come from a disease, there will be no treatment for your cat is well. You have to just enjoy his sweet snores at night. But in the event that their snoring come from a disease, will be your veterinarian who tells you what steps to follow.

If you snore because of obesity, a balanced diet and adequate physical exercise will be a perfect treatment. As they are by a respiratory infection, the vet will tell you if you need antibiotics or any other additional medications and how to administer it to be.

Usually these conditions in cats have a good prognosis, making your cat back to normal in a matter of days. The same applies to the issue of allergy; the veterinarian will work with which to detect what the allergen, and how to help your pussycat.

If your veterinarian found that the cause of snoring is a polyp or tumor in review, it must be removed by surgery and follow an appropriate treatment for recovery.

Already see that cat snoring can be normal and tender or also a warning signal. The best advice is to have veterinary assistance to keep your kitten healthy and diagnose if your cat snores naturally or because of illness.

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Tips to avoid hairballs in cats Wed, 19 Mar 2014 12:22:47 +0000 Do you put wrong listen to your cat when it comes to expel ball of hair? Quiet, as there are ways to help you and to prevent this situation. Here all the information you need about how prevent hairballs in cats.

Why are hairballs?

During the daily cleaning, your cat ingests h ]]>

how to stop hairballs in a cat

As you know, the hairs cannot digest it, since then which are accumulated and stuck are expelled to the outside through gagging and vomiting. The product can be a hair ball matted or tubular shape.

What are the symptoms of hair balls?

Gasps and gagging and vomiting are always present when your cat has to expel a ball of hair. But they can also cause stomach upset and loss of appetite. If you see that your cat is constipated and feels bad for a few days you should consult with your veterinarian as it may be experiencing an intestinal obstruction. This does not happen often but is one of the possibilities.

Do all the cat breeds produce hair balls?

Generally yes, but there are some that are more likely than others, longhaired cats, those who lose hair in excess and who are groomers too, will suffer from balls of hair more frequently.

Can I prevent hair balls?

Luckily, there are several things you can do to care for and help your Pussycat on these issues.

Brush your cat every day, and more if you have long hair, to avoid that you swallow the loose hair. To do so frequently, it is better to get used to the procedure from small or no sooner comes to the family.

If your cat grooms excessively, you can take some time to play with and distract from the action. This will not only make you well for the issue of hairballs but will help to strengthen the relationship with him.

Get cat food specially formulated to reduce hairballs. These improve the fur and make you spill fewer hairs.

Give your cat a preventive remedy for hairballs. They are sold in all the veterinary and are based on lubricants like vaseline, which help the hair to pass through the intestinal tract without problems. You must only comply with dosage instructions that come in the package.

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When to separate a kitten from its mother Mon, 17 Mar 2014 11:41:27 +0000 The time of the separation between a cat cub and its mother is very important. This time can be decisive for the future behavior of your pet.

If the separation is done prematurely, may make the cat in the future to have anxiety or stress when you leave him only. The lack of adaptation to their new home is another thing that can suffer your pet to the new situation.

separating kittens from mother

It is recommended to separate them between 8 and 12 weeks of life of Kitty. You should take into account that the weaning of the animal usually occurs around the 10th week of life and then is when the mother has already transmitted with your maternal instinct basic things that will allow the puppy to develop their future life.

If the cat adoption occurs at this time, it will be much easier, since so far the kitten will continue taking mother’s milk. In addition, the puppy will already learn enough, for example eating food or to bathe the only.

You have to be careful to buy a cat in a pet shop, since that usually are animals who have found in the street or who have been separated from their mother prematurely. These factors are crucial to the socialization of the animal and therefore may appear anxiety in them.

In the following video you can see how behaves a cat with their puppies.

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Tips for grooming a long-haired cat Wed, 12 Mar 2014 10:46:11 +0000 Your fluffy cat requires more care than a copy of short hair. Here are the best tips on how to clean a cat’s long hair and take care of it as it deserves.

Long-haired cats are one of the most beautiful animals that can accompany you in your life, but from the first day that arrives at your house you have to take the commitment of caring for your beautiful hair on a daily basis, as it is prone to tangling and it gets dirty.

How to brush the hair to a cat

The brushing sessions must begin since you bring the cat to your home, so you take confidence with the accessories that you will use and the entire process.

grooming long haired cats

Caring for your cat hair requires some specialized tools: polishing brush, a combined fine and wide tooth comb, a divisor of knots.

The easier it will be to brush the loin, but don’t forget that places such as the underarms and the abdomen are very important.

When you are brushing or combing your cat and find yourself with a knot you should not pull. For that you can use the divisor of knots or comb it gently over and over again, beginning to unravel by the end.

Unfortunately, long-haired cats are more likely that cannot digest its hair balls. It is unpleasant to see and painful for your pet. To try to pass it as little as possible, you may consider giving your cat a fiber-rich diet to assist in digestion and make hair balls to pass more easily. Some new cat foods are intended to prevent these problems.

On the other hand, if you take the work of caring for your cat and brush it every day, it will not have much hair loose, and therefore, it will not swallow it.

Bathe a cat?

If brushing and combing of your cat are not sufficient to remove the dirt, keep in mind that once you have to bathe it, because their licking nor manage to clean it completely. To bathe a cat you should buy a shampoo and a conditioner for cats (never use one dog or human). Get it from small to bathe it will help a lot in the process.

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How to know if my cat has a fever Sat, 08 Mar 2014 08:54:25 +0000 As much as you know your pet, there are things that are complicated know or recognize an animal, so we help you answer to this difficult question: How do we know if my cat has a fever?

Symptoms of fever in cats

  • If you notice that your cat does not behave as always, you don’t want to eat and is discouraged, it may have fever.
  • Note if your ears are hot to the touch, living them, probably your cat has fever.

How to take the temperature to a cat

how do i know if my cat has a fever

The best way to know if a cat has a fever without mistakes is taking her temperature. For this you have to know that the normal temperature of a cat is 100.5 to 102.5 degrees f. If it is hot and has a temperature of 103.5 degrees may be adequate.

You must have a thermometer for animals used by placing it in the ear. You can do it with a conventional thermometer for children or a digital (you must lubricate with Vaseline), but now we say unto you, take fever to a cat is no easy task, you’ll need another person will help you to hold it, since you will have to insert the thermometer into the rectum.

Once inserted the thermometer, wait two minutes before removing it; in the event that it is digital only waits until the alarm goes off and remove it.

You will have to worry and carry your cat to the vet immediately if the temperature reaches 104 degrees F.

Do you know another way to know if a cat has a fever? Share it with us could be very useful for other readers!

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Tips for caring for an adult cat Thu, 06 Mar 2014 09:03:53 +0000 Your cat is changing over time, maybe not much in character, but if needs care and the way in which you try it. Therefore, knows our tips to care for an adult cat, this mode will know how to care for your pet at this stage of his life.

Periodically review

To care for an adult cat, once a week you have to put it knees and feel it slowly throughout the body to see if there is any anomaly as lumps or scars. Also check your urine, the way in which Chew and if you have diarrhea, this constipated, grind your teeth, take out sputum or unable to urinate, take him to the vet as soon as possible.

caring for an adult cat

It is important to highlight that your cat behavior also influences his health, sometimes in an adult cat is more difficult to tell if he is sick, so if the time down or very aggressive, also will have to take it to a vet to check it. This is to prevent any future discomfort such as diseases, calculi or infections.

Take him to the vet annually

Every year it holds your cat adult to the vet so tell you how are his state of health. Not only should be checked outwardly, but also analyze his urine, their weight, their saliva, their blood its mucous membrane, this is to be aware of what so bad or could be the health of your cat and if there is risk of disease.

Diet balanced

Since your cat is an adult, probably not as active as in his youth and childhood, so you should take care that its weight does not rise excessively or be very thin.

If your cat is sterilized, is more likely to lift weight, so you have to find the form that his diet is balanced. Buy food for adult cat, adult cats are extremely sensitive, and more if they are males since foods with salt or other strong ingredients can cause kidney stones.

Do not reduce the amount of food your cat, unless a veterinarian recommends it. When your cat has its weak teeth, missed some or is hindered him chewing by old age, you choose best food in envelope or Tin so he can eat it.

Be careful of its hydration

Always bring hin water, taking care that the water is not hot, because an adult cat need cold water to regulate their body temperature. You always have a bowl with clean, cold water.

Dale love

Caress it gently and carefully. Adults or very old cats are more sensitive, not strongly nor cuddle or pat of could hurt him. Do it gently.

When a cat is ignored, mistreated or feel that you do not give enough love, may become depressed and let themselves die, to sadness down live. That gives you love and care for it much.

All these tips to take care of an adult cat will help you take good care of your pet and lengthen your quality of life, keeping her energy, vigor, enthusiasm and above all showing love and affection to care for him.

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How to know if my cat has anemia Tue, 04 Mar 2014 08:52:25 +0000 If your cat is very weak or the time rare lately, this may be by feline anemia, a condition not well known, but often suffer from stray cats or orphans. To avoid the discomfort of your cat from getting worse, read our guide symptoms to diagnose an anemic cat.

Symptoms of an anemic cat

Irregular heartbeat

If you know recognize breathing problems that you may have in your cat, then perhaps you will notice if its heart beats are irregular, very agitated, rather slow, or occasionally interspersed.

anemia in cats

Loss of appetite

While the cat may have anemia, it may not want to eat, this can also be a noticeable symptom of anemia in the cat.

Weight loss

If you notice that your cat is thinner than before and you have not altered the proportions of it food, then it is a symptom of malaise in the cat. It is best that each month you weigh your cat and take account of their weight in a list, so that when there are changes in weight, you can notice it more easily.


Being very weak, your cat may experience nausea, this so you can see clearly if this something out of alignment when walking, stops frequently, or makes noises that it will evacuate the stomach.

Other signs of a cat with anemia


If you notice downtime in your cat, it may be because they are sick. One of the features of the anaemic cats, is profound fatigue, lack of activity and the exhaustion.


The cat may be more susceptible to cold if this anemic, have to make sure your cat a healthy environment, clean and with the right temperature, do not let your cat outdoors overnight or it could die.

Blood in the waste

Blood in the waste can be a symptom of feline anemia, but can also be your cat ingested something that drilled it in, or has a tear. You should check if the urine is Brown, reddish or yellow, this may also be due to anemia.

Lack of color

If you notice that your cat has less color in the nose, mouth, tongue or gums, i.e. which is more whitish or even blue, it is necessary that you take it immediately to the veterinarian so that tell you a more specific diagnosis and adequate treatment.

Lack of perception

If your cat does not take sufficient care to your food, maybe that it is going through a strong case of anemic weakness or another illness that is affecting it badly.

You know how to recognize a cat anemic reminds that if you notice any of these symptoms in your cat, you must bring it as soon as possible to the vet to make it a full check and examine it to give a better diagnosis and treatment. You do not delay! If this disease is not answered in time, the consequences could be fatal and irreversible.

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What to do with your cat overweight Mon, 24 Feb 2014 08:58:54 +0000 The power of the cats is very important. It is also to make a proper daily routine of physical activity and sport. If you’ve recently noticed that your animal is increasingly taking more weight is time that you take action. Obesity can mean a number of very serious problems. If no notes with ease kitty ribs are a clear indication that your cat is obese, get to work!

cat overweight

The first step is to switch from food to one that is light of low fat content. This type will continue providing everything you need (vitamins, nutrients…) but you will not gain weight. The home cooking is strictly prohibited for our animal. To know what the daily ration that suits you, you can visit your vet. In addition, on the back of the bags or boxes of food for pets often come the proportions indicated.

That was just the first step, now comes the most important: physical activity. Sedentary cats face different health problems. We do games and exercise with them. At the beginning if the cat is fat you get tired before and we should not force you too, will later noticing the progress.

There is a weight determined by which deemed that a cat is obese. However, the reasons why these pets can be fat coincide: a sedentary life and on the other hand, a poor diet as the type or amount. We must get used to that animal eat small amounts several times a day. Slowly following these steps the feline will recover your silhouette and its health.

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