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How should the cage for gray parrot?

For other birds cage size does not matter much. In the case of a gray parrot cage should be greater than we can afford. It has to be large enough for the bird to stretch its wings and move without touching any of the sides of the cage. Must have clean, fresh water always and we got to drinking bottle that keeps water free of dirt.

You must have a large perch and strong because that’s where our parrot will spend most of the time. Toys are very important and special parrots are leather or nylon, with bells or rattles bright and bold colors. Feeders that are hanging in the cage directly are very practical because the food always kept clean of debris and feces.

cage for gray parrot

What gray parrot eats?

A proper diet should contain carbohydrates, proteins, fats, lipids, vitamins and minerals, each of them in their required proportion by varying these ratios in many cases depending on the stage is (growth adulthood phase reproductive, etc.)

Long haired guinea pigs

The guinea pigs are now a very popular pet. And is that hair whether long or short, are very docile and friendly. There are many types of Guinea pigs that exist. So, here we speak of long haired guinea pigs and their special care.

Types of long haired guinea pigs


This guinea pigs hair can measure up to 20 cm long. This is very silky, shiny and smooth, and can be of different colors. It has three rosettes: one in the head and twice in the back.

long haired guinea pigs


His hair is long, thick, wavy or curly. Sometimes you make curls up in the coat.


The texel guinea pig is the most sensitive skin is all. That is why, when it comes to their care with regard to hygiene and above all by the brushing, we must be more careful to not provoke wounds on their skin.

How to familiarize a Guinea pig

There is nothing to do in the guinea pig or guinea pig in nature is a prey, then it is perfectly normal to be very afraid. We have seen several caviette now and, apart from rare episodes in which we was even looking for cuddles meeting (we have just a couple of cases) is necessary for the guinea pig to get used to you and to the surrounding environment.

If you are not greatly informed that the mice must be printed in couples or in groups (many females, neutered male + female, two boys together since they were puppies etc) and the type of habitat suitable.

how to familiarize a guinea pig

First of all, the guinea pig needs hiding places not like to be in an open environment where there could be “plundered.” Impossible, you say, since the guinea pig lives in the house, but you understand that the animal maintains its instinct.

Proper nutrition of dwarf rabbit puppy or adult

A rabbit nano requires, alas, contrary to what most people think, many attentions, both from the point of view of medical treatment, and both from the point of view of nutrition. Do not be afraid: have adroitness with which you get used to very quickly, you only need to “get used to it.”

The coniglietti puppies need more calcium than adults, as well as a certain amount of pellets of good quality (i.e. covering at least 22% of hay pressed). In the market there are several types of hay and pellets: please carefully review the composition and judge for yourself which is the most recommended.

nutrition of dwarf rabbit

Precautions for fish food

Depending on the species, fish can be carnivores, herbivores or omnivores, and needs different nutrients (proteins, lipids, carbohydrates) are different. A poor diet can be the cause of disease and death in an aquarium. Be careful!

Beware of excess fat!

It is very common in aquarium fish become more rounded and the abdomen (and in particular the liver) is filled with white fat. They are more sensitive to all parasitic diseases, fungal or bacterial infections. To avoid this, make sure to give a diet low in fat (less than 5%), and to prefer the weekly food distribution.

fish food

Indeed, if you regularly distribute food in small quantities, only larger fish will eat and overload while small will be harmed. careful however not to distribute too much food and recover excess to avoid further problems.

How do I wash a hamster?

Unfortunately, too often we read of false news as a hamster you wash/clean. Hamsters are pets squeaky clean by itself, and certainly do not need any washing with water: practice, however, many follow. Hamster never washes with water : it is a very dangerous thing that can send the hamster in hypothermia and in consequence, lead to death.

wash a hamster

Observed quite good for the photograph you see a beautiful puppy of golden hamster doing his “bath of sand.” The surface of these rodents fact remains clean and neatly arranged in the sand chinchilla: simply lease the corner where you see the hamster goes to do his poo this handy plastic box within an inch of litter.

The hamster can take on holiday?

You do not want to leave your old plastic hair at home ahead of the summer holidays? Or, worse then worse, to think of abandoning it to make a fortnight’s sea? The hamster can be worn on holiday, or if you’re unable to look for a service petsitter in your city or one near you! If you go abroad you must see if you can introduce a rodent alas here you should check the laws state by state.

hamster holiday

The hamster is an animal very routine and does not like being moved or transferred: it goes without saying that it is good to travel in their usual cage that will place it in a cool, draft-free air, not in direct sun. The ideal is a journey by car or train. If the hamster cage is too big and bulky to carry around and bring it with you disassemble empty suitcase, while the hamster can travel in a crate full of toilet paper white odorless, hay, abundant seeds and chunks of vegetables or fruit to keep the hamster hydrated.

Respiratory problems in birds

Whatever their species, all birds are susceptible to respiratory problems. What are the symptoms that should alert you and evoke a respiratory disease? What conditions should be suspected? What should be in doubt? Find in this article all you need to know about it.

How are manifested respiratory disorders in birds?

Symptoms associated with respiratory diseases most frequently encountered are mainly: a runny nose, and sneezing, the coughing, increased respiratory rate, breathing difficulty sometimes associated with open mouth breathing, a loss of voice, etc…

plan large parrot

Note here that sneezing is usually normal in birds if they are not too frequent or associated with other symptoms. A decreased appetite, or the anorexia total dejection and prostration are specific symptoms, but found most frequently associated with respiratory disease.

The power of the guinea pig in practice

The guinea pig has a digestive sensitivity associated with the particular food. Thus, it is best to give adequate nutrition to offer a peaceful life and a balanced diet without excess or deficiency.

Wild guinea pigs

In the wild, guinea pigs eat a variety of vegetables, fruits and greenery, its teeth being adapted to continuous growth in the cutting and grinding plant. He often eat small amounts especially in the morning and evening.

guinea pig

And for your little guinea pig?

You have three options to feed your pet: make yourself a menu, buy food or industrial combine the two. Some people who work do not necessarily have time to prepare their own meals … while that of the guinea pig, much less! This is why we do not recommend choosing a diet housewife is binding and can be unbalanced.

Then we recommend to combine granules or pellets of quality hay, dried herbs (or fresh if you have time to gather herbs unpolluted!) And vegetables. This will prevent many health problems in your guinea pig: dental malocclusion, dental abscesses, enteritis, constipation …

How to choose a bird?

The decision to adopt a pet is never taken lightly. If you want to adopt a bird, it will have to think, to choose the species that best suits you and inform you up on the needs of the species in question.

Be sure to make the right choice…

Your new pet will require a cage the largest possible set in a quiet place. You must also set aside time to take care of him. Be aware that birds are often noisy and that they are rather messy pets. It will choose the species depending on your tolerance for noise and be ready to move often sweep or vacuum around their cage.

How to choose a bird

About children and birds:

The birds are not ideal pets for children, especially very young children. If your child wants to adopt a bird, you will also be ready to deal. It is preferable that your child is already old enough and mature enough to understand the responsibility of adopting this bird.

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