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But not all hamsters are the same. Look at them some differences can be seen easil ]]>

Due to these differences, it is possible to identify the race and the geographical origin of this small pet.

breeds of hamster

Despite this, the gist of this rodent is similar in all races, and traits to identify it are often difficult to appreciate.

The most common hamster

There are four hamster races and all of them can be found in pet shops. Syria Golden hamster is, undoubtedly, the best-known and the most common in houses. Whenever we think of a hamster, the image of this race comes to mind.

The dwarf hamster is also very common. Dzungaria is especially attractive for its appearance: has a nice black stripe on the back and grey hair. Roborowski dwarf hamster is a less popular breed, that hardly stops stroking. It is characterized by its light brown color.

The Chinese dwarf hamster

It is one of the most tiny, since barely exceeds the 13 cm. length. Its origin lies in the Chinese steppes and is distinguished by having more dense, softer than other more common hamster fur. It is grey and a clearer line crosses all its back from the eyes to the tail.

The Chinese hamster is very cold-resistant: has hair on the floor of their legs. It is able to withstand temperatures up to 40 ° c below zero. It comes from a habitat of extreme temperatures, hence the cold modify the normal life cycle of rodents.

This hamster not hibernates, but its reproduction process that changes by the low temperatures and there is a certain time of the year in which the females are not pollinated.

Like most rodents, the reproduction of this breed tends to give rise to a large number of offspring. Each litter at least ten offspring are obtained, and by the extreme conditions of their habitat, usually have between four and seven litters per year. Within weeks the hatchlings are already ready to procreate.

Normally, Chinese eat more than most common hamster, gilding. In its environment its diet consists of insects, beetles, spiders and snails.

It also eats seeds, so often make their burrows close to fields planted with cereals. This may be a very adequate food if we opted to buy this type of rodent.

Roborowski dwarf hamster

This type of hamster is the smallest which is known, with only 10 cm. in size and a tiny tail that often is invaluable.

Their colors are striking: from the yellowish to reddish to orange and all the warm colors. In addition, it has a grey line that crosses its body. This type of hamster has the largest of all the eyes.

Its natural habitat is located in Mongolia and has a shy but hyperactive character.

There are other varieties of hamster depending on their color and texture of its skin. For example, blank we find the albino hamster, and very soft fur exists of angora.

There is also the hamster Harlequin, cream color, the wild color, cute hamster panda, Russian hamster, the Siamese and the satin hamster or ‘teddy’.

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