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When a female hamster gives birth, it may be the case that they eat some or all of their offspring but, incredibly, most of the time this is caused by human intervention. There is no single cause for the occurrence of cannibalism, but several have just triggering.

hamster cannibalism

What is this behavior?

The cannibalistic behavior is based, in the case of rodents, in maul or eats their own young. There are two different types of cannibalism: a ‘normal’ and the other ‘aberrant’. In the first, the mother eats the young who die or are stillborn. We can call it as normal since it is produced to remove the remains of the nest that could mean trouble for the rest of the litter. But why not choose these rodents get their pups from the den? The answer is that they are vegetarians and do not eat enough protein. In addition, plant tissues contain lower quality protein. Devouring mortalities achieved reinstate part of the mother reserves for use during pregnancy.

Cannibalism is one in aberrant when such behavior occurs, there is no advantage to the species since it kills healthy animals, thus endangering breeding for this couple practicing cannibalism.

What are the causes?

One reason may be that the female is too young and do not feel able to raise her litter. Therefore it is recommended that you do not breed before two months, as they may not have enough milk to breastfeed newborns and choose to eat them. Small pups will serve to store the proteins required for their next litter.

Another situation is that the female may feel short space or food. In this case, consider that you can’t bring up all their young, so it kills the weakest to the strongest survive. She does not know that you have all the food and space you want because its behavior is as if you were in captivity. Also, think that what you have at a given time is what you have and try to adjust, without the help your caregiver can provide.

As mentioned above, when babies are born dead, the mother chooses to clean the nest to prevent infectious problems. You can say that is normal as it reflects a particular purpose: removes debris from the nest that could attract predators and, moreover, if left in their own nest, and can cause rot diseases unclean with the rest of the litter. As already mentioned, the hamster always act as if they live in captivity and therefore believe they can suffer from external attacks. The sick or dead offspring should be remote from the nest.

Annoy a mother during times of childbirth and breastfeeding can cause an act of cannibalism. You have to try the female feel safe. Therefore, the most important thing is not to intervene at this time and prevent a possible rejection of the offspring. Touching the nest and permeating our body odor is even worse. The hamsters are virtually blind and guided by sound and smell. If a female detects a different smell in one of the pups, think that an intruder who has come to attack their children. The reject or attack and kill to protect others. So should not be taking the babies until at least fifteen days after birth. If it must get them, it is advisable to use latex gloves.

Preventive measures

Cannibalistic behavior in rodents is a very nasty and act to prevent it we must consider the triggers. Otherwise, we’ll never get the pet breed and if you do, we may obtain copies mutilated during attacks of the mother.

It is recommended that females under two months to reproduce and, if unavoidable, should pay special attention to their diet. Nor do we intervene in the moments before and after childbirth and lactation. The stress caused by lack of space or food can cause uneasiness of the female and consequently fatal attack on the litter. That the mother is upset and stressed is the leading cause of cannibalism and, therefore, we pay attention to this factor. The place for breeding should be quiet and appropriate, and the animals should be disturbed as little as possible.

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