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Category Archives: Dog Training

How to teach your dog the order of call

The order of call, or “come”, is essential in the training of our dogs to avoid inconvenience and possible problems if we disobey. The dog that in times of need demonstrates a good response to his master, can wander more freely and more quiet than one who ignores the call. Therefore it is very important to this order.

It is not easy to get, but also has a great complexity. The idea is to start training in a place where it is quiet, without a lot of distractions and starting with the command “stay”, for example at home. In general, you can start teaching this command from different points.

dog training

The first is when our little one is in the position to “stay”, i.e. still sitting. In this case, we must move away a bit of our dog, stop and say “come”. The dog should move and come with us. When you do you can rewarded with a prize in the form of kind words and gestures of affection, and that is that there is nothing so much as a dog thank his master’s touch. Well, some cookie never hurts;)

Exercises for your dog

Caring and sports nutrition is essential for your pet. Like us, the health of our little better if we control their weight, give great walks, practice some sport … So, avoid problems such as obesity, sedentary lifestyle, etc…

Each dog has different physical needs, and therefore, must seek the best suited exercises depending on their energy, size, race, etc… There are dogs like the pitbull who can do a lot more exercise than others to have small enough laps in the park.

exercises for dog


For dogs more energetic, the typical game of throwing objects fails. A ball or Frisbee are perfect to use up their energy in the park.


Each point is more common over our dog to swim. It is a very healthy sport they love and where all his muscled move. Take him twice a week and your body will thank you.

Dog Training: Dog biting objects, how to control them?

A very common and very annoying: when dogs chew it all. Who has not encountered the broken toilet paper everywhere, cushions gutted, the gnawed table legs or tattered shoes? Dogs do these things, but luckily … It’s something that can be avoided.

Indeed, learning how to control the anxiety by chewing everything and get your dog never again pose a fang in your belongings. No more clothes tattered and torn curtains, your dog will not use your stuff to vent.

dog training

Because, and this is important, it does essentially to vent. Statistically speaking, 70% of dogs that bite the objects of their owners do because they have too much power and are trying to get tired doing something, whatever … And that “whatever” is always destructive.

How to have an obedient dog

To educate a dog is easy, and in fact, desirable! You know all the problems that can be avoided if properly train your pet? Never again will bark at every sound, not urinate in the house, not pull the leash during the walk or growl at visitors…

By contrast, raising him gets exactly what you’ve always wanted your dog: an animal docile, obedient, loving and willing to obey you when you tell him to come and give you his paw.

If you want your dog to improve its behavior immediately, please continue reading! If instead you like your dog to bark, growl, chase cats and do his business everywhere, then you can continue with what you were doing before you got here.

dog training

But if you decide to stay and read to know how to make everything better: no more bad behavior and begins the good thing about having a dog, the silent company in contrast to the hysterical barking, the peace of a friend docile against the frustration of a pet that does not make you any circumstances.

The benefits of dog training

In our career as a trainer we have met many people who did not realize that dog training was within reach of his hand.

Many do not know that raising a dog can do it either, if you have relevant information and eager to spend time with his faithful friend. There are also those people, of course, that simply can’t be bothered to educate their dogs.

benefits of dog training

Why does this happen? It happens when a person reaches the point of “not so bad”. Our dog ​​is affectionate, playful, always close to us, is the most dependent and the most tender … It’s fine if he pee in the hallway, when you hear any noise barks, growls visits or ask us food on the table, this is “normal”.

Many follow this line of thought. Others hide behind a “oh, it’s a dog with lots of character.” They do not understand the benefits of a proper dog training, which could report to you.

Dog Training

Having your dog trained well and does not need a manual as such, you have to do is to have strong bases and comply to the letter without constantly vary them, should always be the same and remain fixed, so no dog training is difficult task, provided you have clear bases that we will be explaining below.

Most important for dog training is to be the leader, and your dog obey you and whoever is docile, put another way, the follower.

dog training

Starting from the beginning, there are three vital things to follow, things tend to be forgotten or not really aware missing since although it is what must be done is treat dogs like humans and they need other of life, another way of doing.

The basic dog training in simple steps

Basic dog training is rich in many kinds of disciplines, many types of teaching and forms, many tricks, ways of behaving and even can teach customs, direct them so that their behavior is ideal for competitions; such is the amount of forms and types that could not be finished if one begins to name them. But do not worry, for day to day and take your dog in ideal conditions do not have to teach tricks like dance or make a complex circuit, but of course you need to educate themselves.

And now you wonder, what is the basic dog training? Well that is simply necessary and sufficient training for your dog and you may live. So that means you to teach you what you want and do not want to do in your home, think of them very well and meditate before having your pet because what you want to do and what not, may not vary any day, will always have to be so, with the same patterns.

basic dog training

Of course, before you make a dog in your life, values, why would you want an animal with you? And especially think that basic dog training there to prevent things like your dog to do his stuff in unwanted places, or bite your new shoes … is useful and necessary to control such situations.

How to teach the dog that does not bite your things

Thousands of reasons may have to bite your pet our possessions. Why do it? If a puppy is three to six months, is standard in the world, he is teething and hurt.

What if you are an adult? Anxiety, nervousness, hyperactivity or even a possible pain of gums. You must be careful about what you give, why? Simple, dogs do not differentiate those shoes that you no longer use, with new newly released, so you should buy special toys for them and appropriate to their size.

dog training

Its problem yet still wants to bite the furniture, a newspaper … so you have to apply good dog training. Watch him and if you see that something is going to bite than your toy you say “No” firmly and safely to a stop, then just give him his toy, if you are bitten compensate for it.

How to educate a Boxer

The Education of a boxer has nothing to do with what many believe about this breed. Like many strong home guard dogs (in Germany, feudal times, were used as protection against dangerous animals and human intruders) in the nineteenth century was also used as a fighting dog, which initiates the belief that it is a dog aggressive that it is impossible to train properly.

Contrary to what many think, the Boxer is one of the most docile and loyal dog thanks to a quiet and serene temperament and a natural blind trust in its owner. His loyalty is unquestionable in any situation, like surveillance and home protection. If you can cross out of aggressive is when his family is some danger, when he will defend it with all his strength.

how to raise a boxer

With the “herd”, that is, the rest of the family, is the most docile and gentle animals. If properly educated and socialize is a very tolerant dog, affectionate, friendly and very careful, but a characteristic of the breed is the mistrust of strangers. The animal is full of strength and vitality, not tends to mess too much and even in old age remains as playful as a puppy.

How to walk the dog on a leash

Something that often happens is that our pets pull hard on the belt, so that wherever you want to take us almost dragging, sometimes leaving us breathless to run with them, being they who lead us and we follow the pace and not vice versa, when they are young they do not throw as hard as it might with a large animal, see a German shepherd, this could pull so hard that it could even hurt us with his strength to pull us.

how to walk the dog on a leash

The best way to walk our dog is loose leash. We must control our furry friends, keep them with us all the time and bringing us the direction we want to go, but as usually happens when the dog finds something interesting to sniff will soon pull the belt and go to seek that which is called attention, pulling so hard that leads dragging him, sometimes, that could hurt us. Some were killed by this (pull their masters ran so hard that even severely injured) but never the fault of the poor animal, education will be implemented by the owners, and that our task as our pet owners must take responsibility and teach to behave, as we do with a child.

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