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Dog Shows

The meeting of experts and fans of different breeds of dogs, culminating in the regular organization of exhibitions in which the specimens were submitted to trial their careers, gathered more refined characteristics of perfection within their race.

These fairs, festivals real dog can be dedicated to one race or general beauty or official work, recognized by the respective governing cynological, or informal meetings that are not rewarded with certificates of fitness for competition, the exemplary “champions.”

Dog Shows

Any animal lover or not a dog owner, you will find in the different competitions animals finest and best trained in each category and can also consult with judges, breeders and knowledgeable, the most characteristic peculiarities of each breed or variety. The official exhibitions, national and international are implemented by separating the dogs into categories and group them by race and within race, by class: champions open, youth, groups, etc.., which in turn are often differentiated by gender.

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