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Introducing the meek: Springer Spaniel

These dogs Springer Spaniel called are also recognized as the English Springer Spaniel and is breed originated in Spain (so called Spaniel) but settled in England that have the connotation of Springer Spaniel English, referring to this fact, we could even qualify to saying that this dog is found in paintings by the 17TH century.

The original name of the Springer Spaniel, of his ancestors, was Norfolk Spaniel but the name varied by the tasks that it performed, come from the English word “Sprining” with the meaning “To flee and leave” because it refers to the dams that hunted the to come out of their corners were hiding where… simple as that they were dedicated to track and hunt for their masters.

english springer spaniel

Although its major function outside the Hunter the Springer Spaniel is useful for more than one task, it is very agile and fast thanks to the physicist that nature has given you and of course your beauty does not go unnoticed, so also it is striking by its appeal, so elegant.

Raising a Shar Pei

The Shar Pei, also known as “dog towel”, originated in the East, more specifically in China, and has its beginnings at least in the 2nd century BC. Their ancestors are the immense Tibetan Mastiff and the Chow, with whom he shares the blue tongue among other features.

For centuries the Shar Pei was used as pastor, Hunter of wild boar and guardian by Chinese peasants. Although they were faithful and useful throughout all these years, by 1950 only were a few copies in China due to their use as food. It was almost their extinction.

raising a shar pei

Luckily beyond to the 1960s a small group of Chinese took the first steps to reestablish the breed. One of the measures was take a few copies abroad to avoid the risk of being used as food, and this is how the Shar Pei was saved from extermination.

The Japanese Chin

The Japanese Chin is a small breed very attractive and ideal as a pet because of its features and characteristics. It is still a bit unknown, although it is not understood why. And it meets all the requirements that anyone would wish for our pet. It is easy to care for, lovely and friendly, small and suitable for all homes and magnificent with the treatment of others.

Small and stylish

Race Chin is a small breed of complexion square between 2 and 7 kg of weight. Their ears are small and triangular and covered with a long, silky coat. The eyes are dark as a rule and quite large. The nose is tiny, his face flattened and his tail is set high. These physical characteristics make it a very approaches dog before and distinguished.

japanese chin

It can be color or black and white black and brown, and usually brown or reddish certain spots. Their hair is straight, long and smooth.

The nature of the Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever has its roots in the United Kingdom around the year 1850, Lord Tweedmouth labor. The intentionality of this race was to recover (hence the genre retriever) dams on land and in water, especially birds. There are very clear about their ancestors (has a strong resemblance to the labrador retriever, but there is no doubt that his ancestor), but the result of the many crosses that brought us to this breed.

The Golden Retriever is calm and serene behavior. This is a very homely dog, calm, patient with children and an enviable docility. It is destructive in nature, does not bark without reason, nor has a habit of digging holes in the garden and is too escapist. For its size some people are intimidated, but in fact this dog is very sociable and sweet, in fact too friendly to make it a guard dog, the attackers probably get with capers and affection.

Golden Retriever

The Samoyed

From the Nordic countries, the Samoyed is a direct descendant of boreal wolf, a species born in the cold and icy climates adapted. It would be the end of the nineteenth century when Europe would hand that led English explorers Samoyed some copies to England, where this variety was selected and propagated.

This animal of imposing size and thick hair stands out as a dog docile, affectionate, sociable and very obedient. His early work alongside men was related to physical labor. The Samoyed was the animal of choice for pulling the sled, hunt, and protects pets and livestock, and other activities carried out in the snow or low temperatures. Today the Samoyed is a breed prized worldwide, not only for its strength and physical ability.

about samoyed

Samoyed History

When speaking of the Samoyed we must insist that it is a natural breed, i.e. does not come from crosses. The name of such references cans Samoyed tribes, an ethnic group that is located to the north of Finland.

The Borzoi: Russian Nobility

The Borzoi or Russian greyhound has a long history as a hunter. An animal is optimal for this practice. Her slender figure gives an air of elegance at the same sobriety. Despite his flair for the game, is also a good pet. His demeanor Noble is due to its stylized figure and wavy coat that covers her entire back.

His physique is very special. His head is elongated lower jaw and is overwhelmed by his nostrils. You also have the eyes very together with each other. The ears are very long, giving high mobility. Moreover, they remain upright when focused on something or hear. The body is quite thin, from the chest to the legs. In general, the coat can be of almost any color stains although always predominate.

the borzoi

Physical German shepherd

The German shepherd is a strong animal, agile, well muscled and full of life. Must be and appear well balanced, longer than tall, deep-bodied with a smooth contour curves. Height of males fluctuates between 60 and 65 centimeters and females between 55 and 60.

The weight of the German shepherd, the males should be between 35 kg to 40 kg and females between 25 kg to 30 kg the slightly elongated shape corresponds perfectly to its nature very resistant trotter. Its structure is lean, strong and very muscular, with an expression that should denote great intelligence, liveliness and temperament.

physical german shepherd

German shepherd Care

One of the most beloved German breeds and popular throughout the world is the German shepherd. They say that he “is not the first best dog at all, but is the second best in everything.” And it shows loyalty, obedience and respect for his family, who provides his bravery in defense tasks and guard.

Also living with strangers with no apparent problems, which do not mean it ceases to be alert. Given his intelligence and ease of training, is present in many police and Special Forces.

german shepherd care

However, it is also considered a good friend of children for the patience you have with them and also protects them. So, we can say that the German shepherd is one of the world’s most versatile breeds. You have to monitor your health regularly, especially during the first months of life, as they are prone to diseases like distemper.

The American Pit Bull Terrier

Pit Bull, due to its powerful image and strong character, is the result of much controversy regarding its reliability as a pet. The power and strength exhibited by the breed standard do admirable animal, and maybe even scary at first. The cause that has contributed to this situation are dog attacks on humans of which has been echoed in the media lately.

But is there really dangerous breeds? Is genetic legacy that determines the aggressiveness of a copy? If an animal belonging to a race of not considered dangerous, attacks a person here will reflect this so insistent media? It seems to be no consensus.

the american pit bull terrier

Vizsla Dogs

The Vizsla dog breed is originally from the land of Hungary, and was used as a tracer and collector dams. Among his ancestors find dogs like Transylvanian Hound and the Turkish Yellow Dog, and some say it has similarities with Weimaraner and Pointer, too.

The Vizsla is a very loving dog and effusive. It is cheerful and energetic, very playful and extremely intelligent. The most important of his character rather than the above: it is very familiar. He likes to be surrounded by loved ones, in droves, if more time alone can fall into depression and very sick, so we have to avoid loneliness.

Vizsla Dog

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