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The first thing we should know about cats is that they are territorial. This is often the main reason for all the bust-ups of cats that we found. They have a great instinct of fight. If its cats that we do not know maybe we cannot keep aside, unless we see that the fight may have consequences. On the other hand, if it comes to our pets, it is important to have in mind these tips.

Cats are territorial, if we have more than one home, we must have the necessary resources. It is say, two dune buggies, two feeders and duplicate the attentions and affections also. When introducing a new tenant at home we will do it slowly, that are getting used to the other without any pressure. In addition to the instinct of dominance and possession of the territory, clashes can be given by a female.

cat fights

Cat fights should be halted as soon as possible. Let that you go too could mean that some were wounded. There are some tricks to put an end to disputes (separate them with the hands not usually work): distracts your attention with noise, throwing an object that does not hurt them or some water. It also controls that each have their space and that not to be jealous because one has more attention than the other. Use awards to reform the good behavior, also, so they associated the company of the other as something positive.

Punishments or reprimands do not bring anything good, only increase the anxiety of the animal. Finally, if your companion cat behavior does not change, go to a specialist. The veterinarian will advise you on further guidelines of conduct and may provide the animal treatment if needed.

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How to teach your cat to use the sandbox Mon, 20 Jan 2014 13:22:36 +0000 Cats are a wonderful pet since they tend to be very clean and hygienic. Normally, it is not necessary to teach a cat to use the sandbox, since we will have learned from his mother. In addition, the custom of their needs under the ground or in this case, sand, is a natural tendency. The explanation could be that is a way of camouflaging its odor with a view to possible predators.

For those cats that have difficulty in using its sandbox, we must follow the following steps:

how teach cat

-The first thing to do is to make sure that the cat has accessible its sandbox. If it is very small we will put you a low input or a few steps.

-Never should be the sandbox at the same site where their food is. This can lead to rejection by the animal.

-Privacy is also important to felines. It seeks to be in a place where to have some privacy.

-Once work in a sandbox somewhere, ensures that is final. In case that the kitten has already accustomed to go to relieve himself somewhere concretely that it is appropriate for the sandbox, leave it there and identify you to what is, by moving the sand with your hands.

-If the animal goes to another site correct it without aggression and put in the sandbox.

In addition, you must take into account other factors. Always maintain good hygiene in the sandbox is fundamental for the cat is encouraged to use it. It follows a routine to go removing the remains that are lagging and prevents smells. There are many different types of sand; you should choose the one that best of suits to your pet.

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Introducing a new cat home Tue, 10 Dec 2013 11:19:31 +0000 Cats are very territorial and jealous. Therefore, if you want to introduce a new feline tenant at home you will have to take into account these tricks and above all, have patience. At the end the animal is adapted to the new situation or at least tolerates it.

The first thing that we must rule out is the myths: the relationship between cats does not depend on sex, if not of the character of each one (more or less dominant). In terms of age, it is always better to collect animals of similar ages so they can make friends and play together. Remember in this process pay particular attention to the resident cat, so don’t feel dethroned from their home. In addition, it is advisable that each have their sandbox and their individual food containers.

introduce two cats

Before introducing a new animal at home makes sure it is healthy. After the veterinarian, we will take it home but we will not stop having a direct encounter with another feline. They must go gradually getting used to the smell of the other. It insulates the new Cat in a room but allows the other seals to go recognizing its smell and attempts that associate you with good feelings.

They must remain separated about two weeks. There are different ways that they become accustomed to the new scents: exchange dune buggies, rubbing the head with a sock and leave it in an area busy on the other… When it comes time to gather them, can cut their fingernails and above all: are not alone during the meeting. For any suspected attack by any of the two, separate them.

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Bad behaviors in small kittens Thu, 14 Nov 2013 11:50:55 +0000 Small kittens can seem aggressive, because they scratch and bite when we play with them. But do not worry about such behavior; this is the usual way of his game.

In general, attitudes that are you Kitty made harmless and do not do it to do us damage, although having so small and sharp teeth can cause us more damage than they would like to cause.

behavior of small kittens

Another typical behavior of kittens, especially of small, is sharpened claws into our armchairs and leaves them full of marks. In this case, it is very bad idea to cut her nails, since most have short sought harder sharpen is them. In addition, your nails are your defense and if we cut them you will be exposed to many problems and accidents such as falls, having no with what subject. The suggestion is to find something old and thickness and places it as a cornerback in vertical position, in a place where it is usually to get used to using it. Stores selling items specially designed for this function, which in the majority of cases are to the liking of the small.

Kittens do not know that their behavior is not appropriate, therefore in this and in all cases of bad behavior, the best strategy is to teach it from very small, just with two weeks of life, firmly pointing the things not to do, of course without hitting it or threaten it. If it is very mischievous, try to say ‘No’ very firmly and if he continues in his antics, it is good idea to have a water pistol handy to throw a dash when you are door mal. This is usually a very effective and just need a little patience at first, because they can be little big-headed animals.

With love and patience until the rudest kittens they learn. You have to be persistent and try to reward you when you do something correctly. Do not do when ignore you, since but will reinforce wrong behavior.

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