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The 5 most suitable cat breeds for kids

Having a cat at home, either breeds or cross, it’s always a very positive experience for children as it helps them to express their feelings and to have responsibility and feel loved. Also taught to respect the animal world, an important lesson in humanity you should know from our youth.

Usually our first companions and friends are often dogs because of their docility and attachment to humans. However, there are several cat breeds that can give it the same affinity and affection. One example we see the giant Maine Coon, gentle and affable. Without a doubt, it is one of the most tender and emotional of all races.

maine coon

The Siamese is one of the breeds most suitable for children. They are very cuddly and do not hesitate to show at all times, though through different meows. Friendly and nice, unlike other cats, they feel a great attachment to people, being one of the most sociable.

The Burmese cat

The Burmese cat comes from Wong Mau (Burma). In 1930 he moved to the United States and from there to Britain. That was how it began to differentiate between American Burmese and European Burmese.

Whatever they are, there are four varieties: brown (sable brown in Europe and in the U.S.), blue (silver gray), chocolate (milk chocolate), and lilac (dove gray or gray pale pink). In addition, other colors are recognized in Europe network (red, peach), cream and turtle.

burmese cat

How is the American Burmese?

The most important physical characteristic in the American Burmese are rounded features. The head of these cats is medium in size, the front is curved and the stop is marked. The muzzle is also rounded, short and wide, like the chin and ears, broad at the base and mid-size. Are well separated and tilted forward.

The lid has a hairless area. Eyes may be of gold or copper, although the former is more common (to get the copper color must resort to cross the American Burmese cat with Bombay).

The Bombay cat

The similarity of the Bombay cat with a baby panther controversial produces feelings in people. Many are frightened in their presence and others however, are attracted by its sinuous appearance. Anyway, the first impression is not always the most valuable, since we are talking about a perfect pet that adapts quickly to the back room spacious. The Bombay is one of the most modern breeds today and we can anticipate that this is a very sweet and lovely pussy.

There is a widespread misconception that cats are surly and capricious by nature, but this particular race is very playful and cheerful. Having it as a pet has many virtues as well as being a cat friendly and accommodating, its size, the smoothness of her hair and loyalty makes him pet and very different personalities.

bombay cat

The Turkish Van cat

This particular race is not widespread in Europe, but it is generally appreciated for its beautiful fur and original features. Of Turkish origin, the white cat with the tail of another color is perfect as a pet for their docile nature, give us love and affection and will perfectly suit their masters.

Its origins

This prized breed originates from Turkey. It was named after Lake Van, near Mount Ararat in Turkey. The Turkish Van is one of the oldest breeds, but of the least known. It is widespread in Europe as the continent breeding did not begin until the 50s. Despite this, the breed is very old and was described in the eighteenth century. U.S. not recognized as an official breed until 1969.

Turkish Van cat

The Ragdoll

In the 1960s, the United States, a Persian breeder named Ann Baker collected a cat, Josephine, became extraordinarily docile after a car accident and a genetic modification to the clinic where she was treated, even after his encounter with aliens!

Small Josephine were her first Ragdolls (translate “rag dolls”). Faced with this breeder enough “unbalanced”, his colleagues decided to self-insure the continuity of farming. The Ragdoll cat is imposing with a powerful musculature. Its head is triangular but its contours are rounded. His eyes should be a blue as intense as possible, they are oval and slightly slanting.


His coat is medium length and has little undercoat. The Ragdoll is colourpoint that is to say that its ends are darker than the body except for animals “gloved” (the end of the legs is white) and bi-color who have a white mark shaped characteristic “inverted V” on the forehead!

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