Why does the cat attack the ankles?

July 15, 2014   Cat Behavior

At home can no longer be it or walk? If your cat is always lurking and made fan trap and nibbling his ankles, you can’t miss this post. You will learn why cats attack the ankles of people and how to get it to abandon such conduct.

Why ankles?

There is a moment in the life of some cats, in which the ankles of the family become a target of attack. Is this the case your Pussycat? The reason why your cat goes to the ankle pass, is because they are a moving target, and if there are no other stimulation, the cat will focus on all that is available.

why cat attack the ankles

The dam will always be something that moves and that the cat can perceive, and if there is no stimulation, the cat will solve it to attacking ankles, something quite painful.

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