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The compulsive cleanliness in cats

Cats are very clean animals and spend several minutes to groom using his tongue along the day. This is a totally normal and instinctive act, but there are situations that can make it end making their daily hygiene and a compulsive act dangerous to your health.

At first glance, if you see that your cat is cleaned more than normal; it could indicate having any irritation in the skin caused by parasites or insects such as fleas. Check well all his fur in search of any sign indicating its discomfort.

cleaning cats

In the event that your coat is clean, and after a visit to the vet to rule out other physical problems, in many cases this compulsive behavior could be related to stress or anxiety episodes. For example, it is common to occur after the holidays, with periods in which our friend has been alone or misplaced your home, when we moved, when a person is no longer with him, or if a new company in your circle.

What to do about stress? It is very important to treat it properly, as compulsive cleaning can make our feline hair loss and even cause injury. The vet can help you with a treatment to relieve your stress, but you can also help a lot in your day to day:

Do not leave him alone: ​​if you go on vacation, someone can try to visit regularly. Never leave your cat without company more than a day, also to avoid domestic accidents.

Control your fears: there are various household noises can scare you more than usual, try to check how they affect utensils loud as a vacuum cleaner or hair dryer and leave your pet in another room while you have them.

– Play with it, Caress, share your free time with him, especially when you see who is licking excessively, and try to distract him from his obsession.

– If your stress has caused wounds and rashes, the veterinarian will advise you to protect him with an Elizabethan collar so it can’t be done more damage. While you take care of your health you, especially as an oversight in your toilet, could cause even more stress. When the wounds are disappearing see taking it at times, while controlling its movements.

– And above all, if you are having changes in your life and therefore his, spend more time with him to make him see that does not have to be afraid.

If the situation does not improve, consult your veterinarian for possible drug therapy to prevent anxiety.

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