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How to cure cold in the cat

The cold in cats can be caused by a number of factors ranging from the influence allergies. Whatever the cause, the cold is cured because it creates discomfort to the cat and may be contagious.

The most common symptoms that indicate a cold are sneezing, runny nose, difficulty breathing, cough and conjunctivitis. Sometimes blocked nose can also bring your cat to refuse food. When these symptoms occur and persist for more than two days you have to take him to the vet. In this way you can find out the cause of the common cold and therefore understand what the most suitable treatment is.

cure cold in the cat

In most cases the cold as you care for humans: medicines (antibiotics, antivirals, or decongestants, according to what is stated by a veterinarian), rest and lots of hot liquids. If the cold is severe may also be useful to moisten the nasal passages with a normal humidifier chamber (which is good for human beings).

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