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How to remove hair knots from your cat

Long-haired cats, whether of race or common, tend to be elegant and majestic by definition. Their coat gives a stately, yes, provided they are properly cared for. And is that although few inches which come to grow it hair, it coat may become tangled, dirty and even more unsightly and unhealthy knots appear if we do not maintain basic hygiene guidelines.

The ideal to care for it hair is to brush them at least once a week and bathe them once a month. Although cats are very clean animals, with fur need help, because, believe it or not, a knot, besides being unpleasant to look at, you may end up forming a wound when our friend, unconsciously pull hair clean and.

cat hair knots

Therefore, if before an oversight has appeared a lump in it mantle, it is important to remove them as soon as possible how do we do? The only solution is to sanitize cutting, but as you can and let us not be nervous, we must follow these steps:

1. Try to be calm, you can stroke a bit before you see the scissors.

2. Try to untangle the knot up with your fingers, no sudden movements to not disturb.

3. With a small comb with the teeth clenched, looking the knot being careful not to shoot, then surely hurt.

4. Uses small, fine scissors, such as those used for nails, and go cut slowly and carefully with scissors pointing outward. The latter is vital since our cat can make sudden movements and we cut accidentally. Scissor movement must be from inside out.

5. Comb your cat again to remove traces of hairs.

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