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How to raise a Dachshund?

The Dachshund is a small sized dog (in fact, the normal standard is around 9 kg in adulthood) and, with a curious elongated, hence it is called commonly “dachshund”. It is an animal that likes brisk run, move, have fun, really. Not a dog eager to be obedient and docile, and that hampers us in their training. So today we would like to write about how to raise a Dachshund?

This is a hunting animal that has origins in fact at first it was perfect to find rabbits and other rodents, and get them out of their burrows, which allowed her body elongated sneak with ease. To educate a dachshund should consider these questions: While not exactly a hound or just a terrier, has a good nose, trends jackets to spend a lot of energy.

how to raise a dachshund

A dachshund is by nature restless, high-strung and with a lot of energy. We should note that when educate: it means that because of a nervous personality, very lively and sometimes even dominant, we feel the need to be very strict with him, we would be more than a docile dog was eager to oblige.

The dachshund owner only accepts a firm, very confident and never gives budge. Know what you allow and what not, otherwise goes to the couch, do not ever allow you. Simply, if you find a weakness the leverage to become the master of the house, and you must remember at all times that you are the boss. Otherwise it will be a disaster dog.

In short, what should you do? Educating a dachshund is not so different from raising a pinscher, an Australian Shepherd one boxer. Just make sure to be very firm and safe, and above all consistent. If so, it’s like this every day, every hour. Do not let their adorable appearance makes you say “well, just this once up to the sofa”. Outside, but not too much, and certainly not when prompted: only when it deserves it. That’s how Dachshund gets a perfectly balanced and polite.

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