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How to control anxiety in dogs

Something that is usually at home with dogs is that when you leave your dog alone whether for work, because you have to go shopping … whatever, is that the return encounter a blight that has made our mascot, such as meet a cushion completely chewed or scratched sofa, and also see that your dog does not stay seated, do not stop moving, barking to get your attention.

If you think we can imagine that you feel this is uncontrollable and there is no solution to this. Your dog is nervous about your place, does not know what’s wrong and what you’re doing, even if you will return. He gets nervous because he does not see you and you want with it, and how to alleviate this tension is paying for it with household objects.

anxiety in dogs treatment

This can lead to you angry, bother and it becomes a problem, right? Your pet is destroying your belongings when you’re to stop him. What’s going to happen?

Our purpose here is to help you avoid this situation.

If you read my advice and follow the steps to put you can finally end these bad habits. No more be chewed couch, cushions torn, scratched door … With that your dog will learn to be quiet in your absence.

And how can you get something? It’s easy; you make your pet know that at times you’re not to be for relaxation, to sleep. Not as negative.

One of the reasons why your dog destroys everything you have at your fingertips is because you are throwing at fault, can you imagine why?

Showed that almost all the cases are we who put nerves to the dog to leave, leave our dog in the State of anxiety that vent to scratch things.

The first thing to do to keep your anxiety is to patiently teaching and unhurried that being alone is not a bad thing, but a time in which you can use to sleep, to relax and be calm.

And you wonder, how do we get this? Well, really;

To begin you must bear in mind that you must have in your life marked two bases for this to get results.

The first is to teach a routine to get used, as always at a specific time, it goes on the approximate. And it is vital that after you leave also be on the same schedule. So he’ll fit you.

The second and very important is that you exercise, plenty of exercise. Walking half an hour, several times during the day and at home make some game, which should be enough for your dog. But as every dog ​​is a world better than anyone else you know all the energy you have and the exercise you should do to spend it, but the more and more exhausted this quieter exercised will, therefore, not have so much energy to destroy your furniture or objects.

Give your dog toys to chew on.

A toy which is introduced inside dog treats. Our pet plays and bites until it leaves their reward, and to receive this award in the toy will still want to play.

This is very useful to teach our dogs. Make him understand that you must be with their toys, Compensate when you see him play and you know that’s good.

What you should do is that your dog does not have the toy if you’re present, just as you leave.

The thing should go so:

Leave your dog in a room where it can not destroy anything and give him the toy. I played with this. Go back five minutes and then, if you see that is relaxed, Compensate for it.

Repeat the process again another day but extending your absence for him. Watch him. Does he cry? Does he bark a lot? Does he get nervous? If you see that it is well for the process at the time, if you keep calm returns to give the reward.

Then, if everything is going right, go in now and then leaving his toys rechargeable (as they are called) so we played. Grab the keys and get a few minutes. Another day picks but do not leave the keys at the time, do it in a few minutes. Lengthen your outputs and relaxed whenever you give your prize find, ever if altered.

If you’ve finished reading this right now put into practice these tips. Put routine in the life of your dog so that you can follow, begins to master his anxiety with the steps we gave you.

Our dogs sometimes have customs that can get us riled up and we want to control, not only anxiety, aggression is also a problem, even your fears or you do not obey.

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