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Chiggers (or harvesters) in dogs

Your dog is scratching frantically? It has orange dots on the skin? Only would it not chiggers? This article will let you know everything about these parasites and especially to know what to do if your pet is infested or is particularly sensitive.

What is a chigger?

Chiggers (Thrombicula automnalis) are mites that usually appear in August (hence the name), and that may be encountered in all regions of France. Note however that depending on weather conditions, it is possible chiggers to observe the beginning of spring. Present in grass lawns and in fields, these tiny parasites attach to the skin of our four-legged friends to feed on their blood. They then take an orange color characteristic, then break off and fall to the ground . Attention because chiggers also bite very often the man!

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How do I know if my dog has chiggers?

Chiggers attach to all the places where the skin of dogs is particularly fine: between fingers, the inner thighs, his testicles. The area of split skin at the ear is also a favorite place of these parasites. Their attachment causes itching and scabs very important. Scratching is so intense that sometimes the animals are the raw skin or lick frantically for hours. A characteristic signs of the presence of chiggers and biting is the licking at the paws. To see if your dog is parasitized by chiggers, simply a good look at the places mentioned above (legs, ears, armpits). Scrutiny allows the observation of small insects that form tiny orange dots often gathered in clusters on the skin.

What to do?

Most external antiparasitic used against fleas and ticks are effective against chiggers and kill them. However, due to the particular location of these parasites, it is best to use products in the form of spray that will spray it every week on sensitive areas in order to increase the product concentration at these sites (between fingers, the armpits, behind the ears). Discover all the sprays effective against mites (chiggers, ticks, …)

Caution: After spraying on accessible areas such as legs, take care that your dog does not lick in an hour: that it swallows the insecticide would harm its effectiveness!

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